Happy Wraps

Bees Wax Food Wraps


Our story is very simple.

We wanted to stop single use plastic wrap & plastic bags in our kitchen.

After some research we decided to try 'bees wax food wraps' and find out what all the fuss was about. We were definitely bees wax food wrap virgins! Typical us; we wanted to make our own as they were expensive to buy and we knew we would need a lot of wraps in our larder.

So the journey began. 

We tried  a few different recipes and products and methods and finally (we think) prefected the wraps.  It is an extremely long, fiddly and messy process which does explain why they are not cheap to buy!!! The process -  fabric is washed, dried (in the sun of course), cut, 'baked', dried again, folded & packaged...when 'baking' wax and resin is melting on the cooker and finished wraps drying everywhere! Ian cuts out the fabric while I 'bake'. Quite the role reversal as we own and operate a restaurant and Ian is the Chef and me the Maitre'd!!!! 

And, our Happy Wraps STICK. This was the biggest negative comment about almost all wraps available in the market.

And the fabrics, oh the fabrics! We have such beautiful fabrics available to us in NZ. It has been such a pleasure sourcing and choosing fabrics...although sometimes it is really hard to STOP!!!! We choose ALL cotton fabrics. Some medium weight like quilters fabric and some a little lighter - poplin All work really well and our recipe makes the wraps more sticky than most to ensure a good bond.


We bake our own bread, slice it & freeze it. Now instead of using a large plastic food bag we use a 
Grande or Jumbo size wax food wrap and the bread keeps beautifully in the freezer - for max 1 month

We buy large blocks of cheese and decant from the package cut into smaller blocks and wrap in several Midi Happy Wraps

Half an avocado, wrap in a Mini Happy Wrap. We have found that avocados don't go brown (oxadise). AMAZING!

We always toast too many nuts & seeds so in a bowl they go with a Teeny or Mini Happy Wrap cover. We have foiund that they keep much crisper this way when we previously used plastic wrap

Leftovers, yes plenty of those too! Our fridge has never been so colourful! It is a little tricky identifying what delight is hidden under the wrap (!) and we have thought and thought about a solution including making wax labels! THE simple solution - a whiteboard marker and wrting on the side or bottom of the bowl/plate. BRILLIANT!!!!! Midi & Grande Happy Wraps very useful here

Celery & lettuce greens. We clean and wrap in a Jumbo. They keep very crisp in the fridge's veggie box

Pumpkin - buy a whole one - not one cut in pieces covered in plastic wrap (aagh!!). Cut in half or quarters (a trick from my Mother-in-law, drop from a great height onto the corner of a concrete step!!!) scoop out the seeds and wrap each piece in a Grande Happy Wrap. Keep in your fridge for about 1 week and it will stay fresh and won't go mushy 

We grow a lot of our own vegetables and were using lots of single use plastic ziplock bags to freeze our produce - tomatoes in particular. After some research we found the best way is to recycle jars and cover with a Teeny Happy Wrap. The trick though is to freeze the food THEN add about 1 cm of water, recover with the wrap & pop back in the freezer. This stops freezer burn! BRILLIANT!

And then there are Picnics, Packed Lunches.......... We could go on and on! 


It is great and challenging to be a part of the 'change your world' to 'save your world' movement.

Be creative, think outside the square, and use & reuse your HAPPY WRAPS BEES WAX FOOD WRAPS every day

Debbie & Ian

Happy Wraps Owners, Creators & Bakers

Bees Wax Food Wraps Aficionados

PS: If you are in Whangarei come and view the full range of Happy Wraps at TopSail Restaurant